Our Story

Founded in 2023, RevTrigger is a Demand and Growth Generation Agency focusing on B2B growth marketing. Our aim is to utilize proven strategies and techniques in combination with personal expertise from our founder and team of experts.

RevTrigger is for business that desire more than a marketing or lead generation solution. We strive to become your acquisition partner. Taking the time to learn your ambitions so that they can become ours as well.

When we run campaigns for your offers, the aim is to ensure that the prospects we drive down funnel are the perfect fit as your clients. The whole time they are going through this funnel, the value of your offering is presented to them, exposing their demand.

We strive to become the leading DGGA in the nation. Schedule a free consultation today to see if we are a good fit as acquisition partners!

Our Founder

Meet J,

the unexpected entrepreneur behind our Demand & Growth Gen. Agency. Despite childhood dreams of becoming a renowned artist, parental expectations nudged J towards a medical career path. However, the allure of medicine faded, leading to a college journey meandering through various majors before settling on media strategies & advertising.

Post-graduation, a pivotal opportunity arose with Meta (formerly Facebook), where J honed marketing expertise assisting small businesses with ad and campaign scaling. The opportunity expanded to include Tik Tok and Hulu as well. Yet, a persistent concern lingered: an unidentified flaw in client strategies.

Concurrently, personal endeavors unveiled a breakthrough promotional tactic that catalyzed exponential growth for J's own work and that of peers.

Implementing this strategy for clients yielded staggering results—7x to 10x improvements in client acquisition and revenue within months.

A pivotal question from a loyal client sparked a new trajectory:

"What if you were compensated based on results?"

Thus, the agency was born, initially generating $1,100 in it's maiden month and surpassing J's prior income as a marketing expert by the second. Word of mouth led to new clients, affirming the viability of a business rooted in mutual success.

With a year of quiet yet purposeful growth, the agency now emerges, poised to extend its transformative impact to a wider clientele.

Meet The Rest Of The Team!

Made with revenue in mind.

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